Ode to Country Hills

An Ode to Country Hills Resort

by Jametha Smith, with sincere apologies to Don for repeatedly letting all the heat out

What is this place that brought me home

one who had not a clue of where home would be

who knew nothing about the Siskiyous

or whether poison oak was some kind of shrubbery

(turns out, I am a real fast study)


Parked in an old rig out on the campground

I learned very quickly today and back then

there are beautiful places like this in the world

where you can come home again and again

(Everlasting thanks for the Technu, Judy!)


CHORUS: Oh Country Hills, sweet Country Hills

the many times I’ve strolled along Sucker Creek

who would ever imagine the woods and the mountains

could capture the heart of a computer geek?


Clean, well-lighted restrooms and showers

and a laundry-room just a short walk down the trail

and I bought some Tide and a soda and chips

kicked back in a comfy seat reading “Lady’s Home Journal”

(I, who am what is most politely termed “domestically impaired”)


I swapped out my clothes from the washers

wandered back down the trails for another fresh air injection

admiring the great work done out there by Don and by Randy

and when I got back my clothes were dried to fluffy perfection.

(Those laundry angels, they watch over me)


CHORUS (repeat)

I will always remember the kindness of Judy and Don

making life much more pleasant for a newbie like me

because I’d rapidly come to discover I wasn’t the sort

who could ever honestly enjoy living in an RV

(why should there be a problem running the microwave, hair dryer and CD player at the same time?)


To a cabin I was moved and then got me a phone line

because I’d grown soft in the towns and used to amenities

like email and the internet and jawin’ long distance

you’d think I was somebody special, like one of the Kennedys.

(Ooooh! Check out the ultra-cool leggings I won for 2 bucks up on ebay…)


CHORUS (repeat)


Each time I return, it’s a good place to be,

Away from the hustle and traffic and ambient light

look up at the stars, amazed at how many there are

to be seen when I’m not sitting indoors on my gluteus building a web site.

(why am I getting these errors uploading to server? @&#!%!)


The beauty of the woods and the flowers

and four distinct seasons which are so clearly defined

you can stay here year-round, surrounded by beauty

that will soothe your soul and bring peace to your mind

(Here’s the plan. Go back. Give notice. Quit job. Pack. Return.)


CHORUS (repeat x 2)


Author’s note: I originally intended this to be a poem, but it kind of morphed into the lyrics of a song. Perhaps my artistic license should be suspended? Permanently revoked?…Oh, Randall, what a harsh thing to say. Anyone who feels so inclined should jump on in and invent a melody line. I would recommend keeping it simple, so folks can sing along and harmonize without too much difficulty. Suggestion? Think ‘Woody Guthrie’ rather than ‘Andrew Lloyd Weber’ and try to stay within a four-chord structure and 3/4 time (yes, it does seem to fit within the framework of a Waltz). (c) 2007  Jametha Smith: “The most uniquely ordinary, fame-retardant and deliberately unintentional woman you are ever likely not to meet.”